Website search engine optimization ! Beginners complete guide

website search engine optimization

Website search engine optimization, is very important for new beginners. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Its includes all process of website ranking and access over internet. In this post, we will tell you that how to start a blog and make money. There are many blogger tips for beginners that howto start a successful search engine optimization

You should have a unique and your best niche to stat a blog. You have to select a best domain name according to your unique niche. Then you have to keep in mind about what you are going to put in front of your audience according to their core interests. There are some tips for starting a blog and you have to follow all rules and regulations to website search engine optimization. Select some unique keywords to start your niche. Gather best data from your mind and research and draw it on your words power and strength. Choosing best domain name and adequate post title of your blog as well as permalink.

LSI keywords are too important to increase ranking of your blog. Pickup LSI keywords and use them on best concerns on you blog. Make best use of tags and description. First thing which you should keep in mind that you create a blog just to earning and you should note down all steps that how to make money with a blog. keyword density matters a lot as it should be 1 or 2% of your total wording used in description of your post. If you use seed keywords without any care then excessive use of main keyword will lead to spamming and google can apply strict rules.

Though it requires hardworking and unique ideas as being blogger for beginners but website search engine optimization is the key or success. If you work with proper SEO and blogging guides, then you can see your blog ranking day by day withing month. you have to create quality backlinks to your blog on higher authority sites. Sharing you posts to social sites as facebook, twitter, google plus etc. Create unique posts with proper SEO tips and work hard can lead you to success. Use google keyword planner tools to get keywords ideas and also select long tail keywords for better ranking of your blog.


You are familiar with  how to make money with a blog and how to create a blog for free. You only need to website search engine optimization only to achieve your ideas of learning and earning and rule over blog world.

We hope you are very much aware of key tips and rules of SEO as being beginners that how to start a successful blog. Next we will try to publish more article about individual SEO topics for best of your knowledge.If you like this post, just give your feedback at comment section of this post.

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