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Part 2.

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5. Leverage playlist URLs to increase time spent on your channel
When your video ends, YouTube generally shows a list of recommended videos for the user to watch next. Some of these videos are yours, and others belong to different channels.
One of the best ways to keep users on your channel, according to Balkhi, is by using well-crafted playlists. When a user starts watching a video through your playlist, YouTube auto-queues the next video in that playlist, which can keep users glued to your channel.
A little-known secret about playlists is that you can trigger them from anywhere with a special URL.
You have likely seen YouTubers add related to video cards at the end of each video. Instead of just adding the video link, Balkhi recommends directing the user to a playlist instead.

To do this, all you have to do is add &list=ID at the end of the URL.
For example, your normal video URL looks like this:
You need to modify it and add the playlist ID like so:
When the user clicks on the second link, they will be taken to the YouTube playlist player, where it’ll be set to autoplay the next video from your channel’s playlist, rather than someone else’s video.
6. Encourage discussion and engage with your audience in YouTube comments:
YouTube rewards channels with high engagement. This includes things like watch time and overall time spent on a channel.
It also includes things like your like / dislike ratio, and most importantly, the comments on your video.
It’s extremely important to engage with your users in the comments section. Try to respond to every comment you get; not only will this help your video engagement, it’ll help you mold your community as you see fit. Also, the more engaged a specific user is with your channel, the higher the likelihood that your videos will make it into their emails and notifications.
7. Keep your related channels on:
“One of the biggest mistakes I see business channels make is that they turn off the ‘related channels’ feature on YouTube. When I have chatted with business owners, the reasoning I get is that they’re afraid their competitor will show up as related channels,” says Balkhi.
“But the odds are that if someone is searching your videos on YouTube, they’re also looking at your competitors. By turning off ‘related channels’, you also remove yourself from YouTube recommendations. This means that you lose the network effect which makes YouTube as powerful as it is.”
8. Add sub confirmation to all your YouTube links:
When sharing YouTube links on your website, too often businesses just link straight to their YouTube channel.
Something like this:
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While it’s good to link to your YouTube channel from outside of YouTube, it’s way better if you use the sub_confirmation link. It looks like this:
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When a user clicks on the second link above, the first thing they’ll see on YouTube is a popup asking them to subscribe to your channel. Go ahead and try it now.
This is one of the lowest hanging fruits that you can implement today on your website and anywhere else you link to your YouTube channel (such as your social media channels) to immediately start seeing more subscribers. After all, if you want someone to do something, you have to ask them to do it. This is a simple way to ask every user who clicks one of your YouTube links to subscribe to your channel.
There you have it. These 8 tips are the keys that have helped Syed make List25 into one of the top 2000 channels on the entire YouTube network; an impressive feat. Use these tips, along with these 50 Free Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscribers and Views, to grow your YouTube channel and video content marketing initiative faster than ever in 2018.
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