How to recover unpublished facebook page! Best working method 2017

How to recover unpublished facebook page

How to recover unpublished facebook page:

Facebook unpublished my page and how do I publish my facebook page, this is the thing which hurt you sometime but don,t worry, we have a solution and telling you unpublish facebook page trick. We can write reasonable appeal according to best working method of 2017.How to recover unpublished facebook page

Sometimes you thinks why is facebook unpublishing pages and how to recover unpublished facebook page? First thing keep in mind that always work according to rules and policies of facebook. Need not to post spam and adult material on your facebook page. If your facebook page unpublished due to some reasons then you can recover it with the help of appeal.

Unpublished facebook page appeal:

Appeal for unpublished facebook page can be done by following these simple steps.

 1st step, you need to login to your facebook account from your real IP.

 2nd step,  just go to page section and select unpublished page menu

3rd step, you need to permanently delete all your publish posts

4th step,  just change profile picture and cover photo of your page

 5th step, is to wait for at least two hours, open your facebook page and refresh it and click on appeal button and put your healthy and reasonable ideas to make an appeal for your justification.How to recover unpublished facebook page

You can never make facebook a fool and need not to behave like a beggar. You should be cool at your end and just request them to publish my unpublished facebook page with logic and reasoning. If you have no understanding that how to appeal for unpublish facebook page then you can get help from below wording.

“My Respectable Facebook Team,
I am the sole owner of  page (page ID or link). I have also made my friends as admin of this page and they also have access over it on my allowance. This page is almost ( write days if you remember) old. I am very sorry to say that my page has unpublished on the date  feb 15,2017 (write your own dates) due to some unknown reasons.
We are team of highly professionals and we try our best to follow policies and regulations according to facebook requirements. We have set a huge audience and likes on our page. Our page was working fine as it was a source of mutual interaction with our fans. We have civilized fan force and we never post any spam, adult, unethical or anti-law material over it. We can never expect for such action from your side.
There may be some mistake or unusual activity from our side. We just need to get clarification about which reasons, our facebook page unpublished. If the reason
is illogical and it goes our favor, then we request you to publish our page again as soon as possible to make us your loyal customers. We will be more careful and will never give you any chance of such instance again.
We are confident on our side and  hoping a positive response from your end.
Thanks with best wishes

( Write your Name)

Its all done…

Now be patience and facebook team will reply your within a week or less and hoping for positive signs from their end but once your page republish again, then be more careful about it to save yourself some future disturbance.

We hope this article will help you to understand tha how to recover unpublished facebook page and how to publish unpublished facebook page with working trick of 2017. If you like this post, then put your feedback in below comment section of the post and share it with your friends.

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