How to pick keywords for SEO, Experts point of view

how to pick keywords for seo

How to pick keywords for SEO:

Everybody is searching for how to pick keywords for SEO. When you are new in blogging and your need good keywords for website. Best and most widely used seo keywords tool is google adward keyword tool. It gives you seo keywords list and you can easily pick up any unique keyword according to your to pick keywords for seo

Now We will tell you which keyword should follow in selecting a keyword and how to use google keyword planner. When you are new in blogging then you should select keywords very carefully and after deciding the target country then the main thins is to follow such keywords which have:

  1. Try to select long tail keywords ( keywords which have 3 or more words)
  2. Choose keyword with low searches as  less than 4000 or low.
  3. CPC (Cost per click) should be ignored at starting phase but if you find keyword with minimum searches and good CPC, then its good thing.
  4. The main thing is keyword competition and you should always select unique keywords with low competition.

If you will follow these simple instruction , then you can easily rank your site or blog in few time. We hope you work accordingly and you have clear your concept that how to pick keywords for SEO and how to do keyword research on google adwards.

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