Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.1 Nulled once you install this ad-on, your Visual Composer v5.0.1 will never be the same again, with more than 80+ new premium elements at your disposal, custom post types, thousands of font icons .. well, everything is posible!

Visual Composer Extensions System Requirements

  • Visual Composer v5.0.1 or newer (most current version is advised)
  • If your Visual Composer came as part of your theme, please ensure that the theme authors didn’t modify the plugin or that the plugin is still capable to work with add-ons
  • WordPress 4.7 recommended (minimum of 3.8)
  • PHP version 5.3.x or higher
  • Minimum of 96-128MB of PHP / WordPress memory recommended; depending upon other activated plugins and utilized theme, more might be required (after all, each WordPress system is unique)
  • When installing via WordPress , ensure that your upload / post size limit is large enough to accommodate the plugin file size; otherwise, upload plugin via FTP

Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.1 Changelog

– Added option to “TS Image Posts Grid” to select image size (quality) for grid images (full, large, medium, thumbnail)
– “TS Image Posts Grid” element will now automatically bypass Jetpack Photon downsize filters
– Added option to “TS Google Maps PLUS” + “TS Google Maps SINGLE” elements to control if and how Google POI’s should be provided
– Added option to “TS Google Maps Overlay” element to draw polyline segments as geodesic lines
– Improved “Flipster” layouts for “TS Image Gallery” element to better resize image if screen size falls below defined maximum image width
– Added new preloader animation style (for all elements able to utilize a preloader animation)
– Added new developer demo element “TS Preloader Animations” to generate a preview of any available preloader
– Internal noUiSlider script has been updated from v8.2.1 to v9.2.0
– Other CSS + JS Improvements
– Updated EN/DE .po/.mo language files

Demo Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.1

Full Demo Page

Download Visual Composer Extensions Addon v5.1.1

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