Gravity Forms Invitation Codes v3.0 Use this Add-on to verify a code before someone is able to:

  • Submit a Form
  • Register on your Website
  • Get Access to Members-Only Areas
  • and so much more…

Note: Gravity Forms plugin is needed, this is an add-on to Gravity Forms

Scenarios of the Gravity Forms Invitation Code plugin

  • You have a code that you place in a magazine/print ad and want to track your conversions/Return on Investment
  • You sell software and only want those who purchased to register on your site for support/updates
  • You are doing a soft-launch and only want to invite a few people to register on your site

Features include:

  • Register by Invitation Code Only
  • Form Submission by Code Verification
  • Generate Codes on a Front-end Page or Gravity Forms Confirmation Message via Shortcode
  • Show “Invitation Code Name” on a confirmaiton page via Shortcode (useful if the names of your Invitation Codes are names of People or Companies)
    Example: Your confirmation page would say this “Thanks [invitation_code_name]!” on the backend page editor and say “Thanks Mary Smith!” on the front-end for visitors to see
  • Set Number of Times a Code can be Used
  • Add invite code field right from the Gravity Forms Form Builder
  • Rename Invitation Code label to something else like “License Verification”, “Special Offer Code”, etc…
  • Set a custom code error/validation message

Gravity Forms Invitation Codes v3.0 Changelog

v3.0 – December 3, 2016
– Rebuilt plugin for new Gravity Forms requirements
– Added ability to set expiration for Invitation Codes
– Added Text Box that accepts one code entry per line
– Added the ability for the Invitation Code to be assigned as a custom field
– Added the ability to use “placeholder text” on the Invitation Code field in form editing mode

Demo Gravity Forms Invitation Codes v3.0

Full Demo Page

Download Gravity Forms Invitation Codes v3.0

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