Benefits In Eating Organic Granola Recipe

Granola is a food for breakfast or snacks consisting of nuts, rolled oats, honey or other sweeteners and puffed rice. This is baked until toasted, crisp and golden brown and is stirred during the process to maintain the cereal consistency. Dried fruits and chocolates are sometimes added and is usually eaten with yogurt, milk or fresh fruits.

There are a lot of people who likes eating this food particularly campers and hikers due to the ease of packing and carrying it plus the nutritional value it has. Organic granola recipe could be change to accommodate the preference in taste of a person and it will still be healthy. Here are examples of health benefits you could get in regularly eating it.

It helps with digestion because of its rich fiber content which are both soluble and insoluble. The fiber makes bowel solid by adding bulk and weight so it can pass the digestive tract easier. Soluble fiber is good for mitigating symptoms of constipation while insoluble one harden loose stools to reduce diarrhea occurrence.

It also promotes weight loss by being lightweight yet filling with very low cholesterol and sodium, factors behind chronic obesity. Water is absorbed by its fiber which also bulks up food and is making the body feel full. This helps in preventing overeating that is a common problem for obese individuals and those on diet that get hungry every now and then.

Harmful cholesterol is reduced and healthy cholesterol is being spread throughout the body. Plaques are developed by harmful ones in veins and arteries and can be prevented when harmful cholesterol is reduced and avoid the increased blood pressure and strains in cardiovascular system. Walnuts, almonds and other nuts used in granola have omega fatty acids.

This food is very popular with people who are fond of outdoor activities like campers and hikers because it boosts energy. This energy is not given by sugar which would make you have the feeling of sluggishness after but through manganese that is essential for metabolic activity, liver and kidneys. It stimulates the tissues and distributes the resources all over the body properly.

It prevents cancer with vitamin C that is a natural antioxidant which boosts immune system, stimulates white blood cells and prevent cancer to form. Manganese are also found out to have antioxidant properties that eliminates free radicals which mutates healthy cells into cancer. The chance of having cancer, heart disease and other conditions is reduced.

Blood pressure would be lowered which results in the reduced system stress, increased flow of blood and oxygen and loosening of veins. Increased flow of blood and oxygen improves cognitive function as well as a faster nervous response and making of neural pathways. These are possible due to the content of potassium in it is high.

Though you should be warned of eating too much of granola despite all the health benefits you can get from it. Because this is essentially carbohydrate cooked in fat that can produce chemicals the body would not be able to digest. Puffed rice which acts as a filler could be a source of empty calories which has little or no nutritional value.