3 Simple steps for Facebook live video streaming

facebook live video streaming

Everyone is searching for “Facebook Live video streaming”. I am going to share with you only 3 simple steps that how to post live video on facebook. Every person has android phones as Iphone or samsung galaxy etc with dual camera functions. Android users also looking for facebook live streaming for android.

 Just 3 simple steps for Facebook Live video streaming.

1st step: is to install facebook latest app in you android set to go live on facebook. Facebook app logo is highlighted in below picture. Just click on this facebook app for android.

facebook live video streaming

2nd Step :  You will see a facebook first window, and find a box as “what,s on your mind?” which is mark as red in below picture and click on this box.

facebook live video streaming

3rd step: Now you will see some boxes as Photo/Video, Go live, Check in etc. Just click on the “Go Live” button to facebook live video for android. This is mark as red in below picture

facebook live video streaming      Now you can select you android camera positions according to your video streaming. You can set your video position and publish it to facebook audience.

We hope you have understand that how to broadcast live on facebook. We have tried to show you with help of simple steps. If you like this post, just say some words in below comments section and share this post to your friends over social media.

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